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Tomato sauce is an excellent way of cleaning anything made from copper- jewellery to pots, the salt and acidity of tomato sauce helps remove copper oxides, leaving bright copper metal behind

Back in the day, in the 1600's it was widely accepted in Britain that tomatoes were poisonous and were grown as decorative ornamental climbers. It wasn't until the mid-1700's that tomatoes became a staple part of the British diet.

Tomato paste is great at removing chlorine from your hair. Especially if you're blonde and the chlorine from swimming pools accidentally dyes your hair green. Tomato paste helps bring back your natural hue.

Tomatoes are cholesterol free.

The best way to ripen tomatoes is to put them next to apples or bananas. Apples and bananas give off ethylene gases which speed up the ripening process.

Searching for clear skin? The high vitamin C content of tomatoes unblocks pores leaving your skin feeling soft. Tomato face peels are great, just apply slices to your face and they'll loosen the top layer of dead skin, letting it rub off.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are classified as fruits because they are the ripened ovary of a seed plant; however, they are often mistakenly thought of as a vegetable by many.

Cooked tomatoes contain a more concentrated source of lycopene compared to raw ones. An ounce of cooked tomato contains double the amount of vitamin C, as well as almost 20 per cent higher beta-carotene, as compared to the equivalent sample of fresh tomato.

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Tomatoes originated from the Andes, in what is now called Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador - where they grew wild. The first cultivated tomatoes were yellow and cherry-sized, earning them the name golden apples.


They were considered poisonous but appreciated for their beauty.


The Latin name for the cultivated tomato is Lycopersicon escutentum, which means edible wolf's peach, though no one is quite sure why wolf's peach.

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Tomato plants can grow anywhere where it is warm and a little damp. With adequate sunlight, water, and patience as tomatoes take a long time to grow, you'll be greatly rewarded with a six foot tall tomato plant with big red juicy fruit!

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